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Guest Information

We’ve put together this guest information pack to help make your stay with us more comfortable and enjoyable. We hope you will find it useful, but if you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Map showing Greystoke Gill Location for guest information


The heating is underfloor throughout, so there are no radiators. It is designed in zones – upstairs and downstairs. Each room has a thermostat which runs on a set schedule to be warm in the mornings and evenings. Rooms are set at 16 degrees upstairs and 19 degrees downstairs. You will find that it is important to keep the floor as clear as possible, particularly in the bedrooms. If you put clothes on the floor you will have lovely warm clothes, but the room temperature will be severely reduced.

The timer/controller is in the utility. Pressing the boost switch once will give you extra heating for an hour. Oil central heating is expensive to run and if you are not warm enough please use the additional electric fires.

Hot Water

There is a large hot water tank which is also heated by oil and on the same timer as the heating.

Septic Tank

The sewage system is via a septic tank. Please keep it functioning by only putting tissue and toilet paper in the toilets. Use the bins provided in each bathroom for wipes, pads, tampons, nappies etc.

Recycling & rubbish

In the porch are two green bags and a green box. The green box is for glass and tins. One green bag is for paper and the other green bag is for recyclable plastic. We will empty and replace as required.

General household waste is collected every Friday. You have a bin in the kitchen. Please leave rubbish in tied plastic bags in the porch by the recycling. We will collect them as necessary.

Household emergencies

Electricity – A large distribution box for internal electrics is in the small cupboard to the right of the front door. All switches should be up. The smaller distribution box is for external electrics (also usually on – up!).

Water – The stopcock is under the sink in the kitchen.

Fire Exits – Please leave the key in the French window of the dining area for fire exit purposes. The bedroom to the left of the family bathroom, overlooking the courtyard, opens fully as a fire exit if needed in extreme circumstances.

Safety – A fire blanket is on the wall to the left of the hob. There is a dry powder extinguisher in the entrance lobby (not for use on cooker or hot fat fires). There are heat, ionisation and smoke alarms installed throughout the building.

Medical emergencies

Ring 999 for emergencies.

First aid – there is a small supply in the utility wall cupboard

Doctor – the nearest is in Penrith where there is the Lakes Practice 01768 214345 or the Birbeck Group Practice 01768 214620. Both are in the Penrith Health Centre, Bridge Lane, Penrith CA11 8HW.

Doctor Out of hours you should ring 999 for emergencies or if it is a non-emergency contact the NHS on 111.

There is an Urgent Treatment Centre in Penrith at the Penrith Community Hospital just off Bridge Lane, CA11 8HW (01768 245555) which deals with minor injuries and ailments. The nearest Accident and Emergency Department is at the Cumberland Infirmary, Newtown Road, Carlisle, CA2 7HI telephone 01228 523444.

Dentist / Optician: These services are unfortunately limited in this area. If you need help, then go on-line and look it up on the NHS website

Kitchen Equipment

Ceramic hob. Put the power on first, then select the ring and set the power.

Oven. The left hand control is for the bottom oven. The two right controls are for the top oven, the rightmost one is for selection and oven temperature, the leftmost is to set the temperature of the grill.

Microwave. Press quick start for 1 minute, more for longer. Cancel/Stop to reset.

Fridge/freezer. Ice and chilled water on demand, but remember to catch the ice cubes!


We’ll leave you with two keys for the front door. Please lock all doors and close all windows when you go out. On leaving the property please lock up and say farewell. If we are out, please leave one key in the key safe and the other on the notice board.

Internet connection

There is a mobile signal in Greystoke Ghyll – it’s better outside. There is a reasonable internet connection. The television in the main lounge is hard-wired into the router. The router is in the kitchen, and there is also a wifi range extender in the lounge (this is cloned to the router so uses the same password). The wifi code is on the notice board in the kitchen and also on the router.


In the lounge there is a separate remote for the soundbar. If it doesn’t seem to be working press the ‘optical’ button. “Home” on the TV remote will give you access to iPlayer etc.

The soundbar in the lounge is Bluetooth enabled. In the kitchen there is a DAB radio and CD player and also a separate Bluetooth speaker.

The TV in the sitting/bedroom room is not connected to an aerial, and can be used for watching DVDs.

Towel radiators

The towel radiators are solely electric. Each one has a push button timer.


Feel free to fill the bird feeders. If you are lucky the greater spotted woodpecker might drop by, or the nuthatch. You are sure to see the blue tits, great tits and chaffinches. The box on the big sycamore to the right of the drive is a squirrel feeder. We do have two resident red squirrels in the Gill – you might be lucky enough to see one. The large area of wild ground opposite Petteril House provides a great environment for wildlife.

Red squirrel. Photo by Caleb Martin on Unsplash.com


An excellent spot for a sunny breakfast. It can get a bit slippery when wet, please take extra care. Chairs and a parasol are in the small shed in the rear garden.

Enjoy your stay.
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